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Reflection from Sadaf Saremi, trainee at Stena Metall Group Diversity and Competence program

Reflection from Sadaf Saremi, trainee at Stena Metall Group Diversity and Competence program

My name is Sadaf, an Iranian girl who is 38 years old, married and has no kids. I got my bachelor in Environmental Engineering back in my homeland and I have worked about 12 years as purchasing department coordinator in an Oil and petrochemical trading company in Iran. I have also worked as a part time researcher in a few environmental and conservation projects in collaboration with United Nations Development Program office in Iran. 

 As a person I have always wanted to develop myself and I search for new challenges and experiences in life. I together with my husband, decided to move to Gothenburg for studying in 2014. Three years later, I got my master's degree in Environmental Science at the University of Gothenburg. In the process of job searching, some of my friends informed me about Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program and I decided to join.

Through the mentoring program I then learned about Stena Metall’s diversity program. I read about the company and its activities. I found myself fascinated by the concept and agenda and was determined to apply for the program. I got selected for the first rounds of interviews and then got through to the second one. I was very lucky and got accepted in the program as a trainee in the purchasing department. 

I started the program on February 1st, 2018 and I felt at home right from the first day. I felt welcomed and taken care of. Everyone knows that the first days are the hardest when you start in a new company but to my surprise, it went super smooth for us trainees thanks to Stena Metall HR department, managers and the employees. On our first day, the management of the company welcomed us with this phrase, ‘’Take it easy and don’t stress out. Try to look and listen as much as you can since this is the only way you get to know about us and your role here’’.

A web based introduction program has been designed for us trainees to learn more about how the Stena Metall functions as a company. We are supposed to read the materials that are available to us and to participate in some assignments that are designed to make us more familiar with subjects like safety, company’s principles and different systems that are used here. As each trainee in the program have different subjects, we also have specialized tasks defined by each of our direct managers. 

So, let me talk about my major challenge, and yes you might have guessed right: Swedish language! The language has been the biggest challenge so far but this has also been taken care of by Stena Metall. Luckily as a part of this 6 months trainee program we are offered a Swedish language training for once a week. 

One of the things that makes this program very unique is the Stena Metall’s proactivity, preparedness and organization which resulted in smooth transition. It is just the beginning of my journey here and there is still a long way ahead of me but I feel driven and equipped to achieve my tasks at Stena Metall. These are my advice for great people looking for jobs here in Sweden: take your Swedish lessons seriously because it’s the key, look for opportunities and never give up since one of these days will be your day! I would like to conclude my blog with some wise words from Dan Sten Olsson’s book “Principles, convictions and basic values” (CEO of Stena AB): ”Dröm stort, bygg steg för steg, var modig, var viljestark och gör din plikt.” In English: “Dream big, build step by step, be courageous, be strong-willed and commit to your duty”. 

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Sadaf with other trainees and representatives from Stena Metall Group

On the picture: Sadaf and other trainees in the program with representatives from Stena Metall Group and Sofia Appelgren, founder of Mitt Liv AB


Reflektion av Sadaf Saremi, trainee i Stena Metall...
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