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Mouamen fick jobb på Scandic Frimurarehotellet

Mouamen fick jobb på Scandic Frimurarehotellet

Mouamen Alsalem var hotellchef i Syrien under många år. Han var med i MLC 1617. Mentorn är Anna Johansson, hotellchef på Scandic Frimurarehotellet i Linköping. Sedan några månader tillbaka är han anställd som Event och Food & Beverage chef på just Scandic Frimurarehotellet. Han är jätteglad och har skrivit ett mejl till oss.


“Hello Ermina and Diana, 

I hope everything is going well with you.

I would like to thank you and all the team in Mitt Liv program. It was great that I got in the program. My time with the mentoring program was very interesting, informative and helpful for me and for many other mentees as well.

Directly after the program finished I began experiencing the benefits and I got a job as restaurant manager at Scandic Frimurarehotellet Linköping! Anna Johansson my mentor was very supportive and she guided and motivated me every time we met. 

At last the result was great for me and I started my work at the right place. 

Thank you all for the big support.

Mouamen Alsalem"


Text: Diana Oxelgren

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